Monday, February 16, 2015

Edible Image How-To

Edible images are a beautiful way to dress up your cake without the expense of other detailed decoration.  However, just how to put them on the cake so that they stay flawless can be tricky.  Here is our quick tutorial of our tried and true method!


Your Edible Image & scissors
Your Iced Cake
Fondant (optional) 
Fondant Smoother
Paper Towel


Optional Step 1.  Roll out your fondant slightly larger than your edible image piece.  Lay and position appropriately on your cake.  

** I like to do this optional step for a couple of reasons.  First, the image doesn't get a 'soaked' look when placed on buttercream.  Second, less air bubbles are created, third, it is easier to control centering the image, and fourth, I like the more polished look that the fondant frame gives the cake. **

1.  Cut out your desired image portion from your sheet.  Do not remove the plastic backing at this point.

2.  If you  used a fondant backing rub a thin layer of shortening on top of the fondant.  If you keep it as a buttercream surface no additional moisture is necessary.

3.  Position your image as desired.

And the following is the most important step!

4.  Once your image is set place a paper towel over it and using a fondant smoother start smoothing from the center of the image out toward the edges.  Ensure to smooth the entire surface and re-smooth just to make sure.  The purpose for this is that if you don't you will end up with A LOT of air bubbles, wrinkles, and folds in your beautiful image!  But they don't show up right away... they take some time to show up (like an hour or so).  However, if you smooth the image they won't show up at all!! Also the working out the air bubbles is a little easier on fondant than on buttercream.

5.  Finally, pipe a nice and neat pearl or shell border for a clean and finished look!

And that is it!

Happy Caking!:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moustache Cupcake Toppers!

 Ok, so let's just say that I started having waaay too much fun with my new graphics software editor--and of course that means more cake fun!:)  These little cupcake toppers are perfect for a little man or a big man party;0)!

There are many different ways to put toppers on a cupcake.  This includes placing the topper directly on top of the icing (as shown), directly into the icing, or on a toothpick for the paper print out version.  In this tutorial we will be covering the steps for how to make the toppers shown here.

The cupcake toppers shown here are an edible image placed on top of a firmed gumpaste disk.  These are easy and fun to make!!  Here are all the steps and our YouTube video!


Mustache Printables (Now on our Etsy)
3" Cookie cutter
2 1/2" Paper Punch
Fondant smoother & roller
Cornstarch for non sticking of gumpaste


Step 1.  Massage and roll out your gumpaste.  Use cornstarch (or a dab of crisco) if sticky.  I like to use a Kitchenaid pasta roller to get a consistent strip.  I rolled this out to a #2 pasta roller setting. 

Step 2.  Use your 3" cookie cutter to cut out your gumpaste disks.  Place on a lightly dusted tray and let dry overnight.  Rotate to opposite side the following day.

Step 3.  Meanwhile, print your mustache images on your edible image sheet.

Step 4.  Remove the plastic backing of the area you want to cut.  Using your 2 1/2" paper punch center (use back window) and cut out the image (turn over your punch to easily pop them out).

Step 5.  Rub a little bit of shortening on the gumpaste disks for the 'glue'.  Place image on top.

Step 6.  With edible images it is ALWAYS important to remove air bubbles.  You might not see them when you first place the image but they will develop--prevent this by using a paper towel and using a fondant smoother to smooth the tops well.

And that is it you are done!!
These are cute and so much fun!
Happy Cake Making!


How to Make a Number Cake Topper

Hello fellow cake makers I have missed you!  I know you have been very busy with the holiday season (and not to mention cake making;)) as have I!  Hence, the lack of the latest blog posts (*sorry*).  But here we meet again and today I have a tutorial on how to make a fun number topper!

It is popular for customers to want number toppers on their special party cakes.  And I *LOVE* the look of playing with two different colors to make these numbers really pop and stand out.  Our Jimmy Buffet cake really came together with this super fun #40 topper! (photo credit to Milou & Olin)

The biggest 'issue' with these number toppers is the creating the appropriate support structure.  By adding support wires you don't want to compromise its integrity (aka--make it look bad).  Which is exactly why I like to 'sandwich' the numbers between two fondant layers.  But since we don't want it to LOOK like we sandwiched the layers, here is just what to do;)....

Number Cake Topper

Key Materials:

* Number template-  Print out your own or get ours here (instant download). 
* Homemade fondant- Make your own (lots of recipes online!) or find ours on Etsy or Amazon
* Gum Tragacanth or Tylose powder
* White sugar floral wires
* Water or sugar glue (made with equal parts of tylose and sugar mixed into about 10-20x HOT water... 1. Stir--don't worry it will clump  2. Let it sit for about 15-30min  3. Store in fridge a couple of weeks).  But water does just fine:)


Step 1.  Mix your chosen colors with a good dose of your gum tragacanth or tylose powder.
 (approximately 1 tsp per 5 ounces or such)

Step 2. Roll out your fondant with you fondant hand roller or pasta roller (work down to a no. 1 setting).  Let sit/firm/dry for 5-20 min or so.

Step 3.  Meanwhile print and cut out your number template.

Step 4.  Place the template a top your fondant and cut with a small sharp knife.  For the 'backing' cut out slightly outside the actual template in order to get what will be the number bordering effect

Step 5.  Gently push your floral wires into the backing layer of fondant.  Use your fondant smoother to make your wires flush with this layer.  This backing layer should deform somewhat due to the pushing in of the wires--cut these areas with the small knife to reshape the number appropriately.

Step 6.  Remove the wires leaving only their indentation.  Let them dry preferably for 48 hours.  One side one day, and the opposite side the next.

Step 7.  When dry brush the backing layer with water or sugar glue.  Place floral wires a top the backing.  Re-dab water atop the wires.  Place the top fondant layer and center it within the backing piece.. thereby 'sandwiching' the wires (but they are also sitting in their grooves so they should not be very visible:)).  Let dry preferably for 8 hours or so. 

Step 8.  Place on the cake! (make sure your wires are of appropriate size!)

Happy Caking!