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Cake Design - Inspired Custom Cakes

How do you design a custom cake?   In this blog post I share how exactly I go about creating a unique cake design, being inspired and doing my research. 
And with this post I wanted to share these amazing fashion inspired cake pics!  I LOVE, fashion and cakes so of course, gotta love fashion cakes lol. So I wanted to share these favorites with you that I collected online as you read this post:).
Let's dive in!

Step 1. Understand what your customer wants Once a client told me 'do whatever you want'. However, after they saw the cake they said they really didn't like the design. Omg I was in tears! After that experience I vowed I would never make a cake that someone doesn't have at least ONE opinion about.  Here's the problem, as cake makers it is our mission turn our customers cake vision into reality. If the customer has no vision, then really, we would be making a cake for ourselves!  So I always ask for their party theme, cake pictures (preferably 3 different …

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