Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Make Fondant Rope

Ok this post is LONG overdue.  I had meant to put this post up but one thing led to another and welp... I forgot!  *So Sorry!!* However, I see that this picture tutorial is one of the most pinned pictures on our Pinterest page and thought... I better put this tutorial together!!  This is a super fast tutorial on how to make fondant rope.  No extruder or other fancy device required!  Just fondant, your hands, a small sharp knife, and a scale!


Small knife
Scale Optional
* And yup that's pretty much it!:)

And now.. for the steps!!

Step 1.  Weight or divide two small pieces of fondant into 1 ounce pieces.

Step 2.  Roll these two 1 ounce balls with good pressure in the palm of your hands to remove all creases.  Once smooth use your fingers to start start rolling out the pieces slowly and evenly.  Be careful not to go too fast otherwise you might overly thin parts of them.

Step 3.  Once you have two rolled pieces lay one on top of the other and gently roll them in one direction.  As the entire fondant 'rope' begins to form roll the opposite side in the opposite direction with your other hand.

Step 4.  Cut ends with a sharp knife.  This will allow you to seamlessly place another one next to it.

Step 5.  Apply rope lengths to a fondant covered cake by brushing it with water.

And that is it!!
I told you super simple!!;)
Now happy caking!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fondant Cut Outs!

How can you not love cute 2D characters!  Ok so I know what you are thinking... that is SO hard!  But I am here to tell you that it is SOOO not!  Have you ever played with playdough?  Ok, so it might have been a while but it is pretty much the same thing!  And the big difference is that this tastes a lot better than playdough:).

Also, since you most likely won't have the cookie cutter shape of what you want to make this is a quick tutorial on just how to make a 2D cut out of anything you want!

So here we go.. how to make a 2D character for your cake!!


* A print out (aka template) of what you want to cut

* Marshmallow Fondant (commercial fondant doesn't work as well for this technique)
Search for recipes online or buy our fondant here.

* Small sharp knife

* KitchenAid pasta roller

* Powdered sugar

* Shortening


Step 1.  Roll out your fondant using your pasta roller.  You might prefer a certain thickness, I prefer setting 1 or 2 and also the xtra wide setting by 'backing-up' the knob (not an exact setting but works great!)

Step 2.  Let your fondant 'firm' for at least 5-10 minutes.  **this part only works with marshmallow or our Cake Couture fondant... commercial fondant dries out.  Allowing your fondant to firm leads to very clean-cut looking pieces**

Step 3.  Place your template on top of the fondant and gently cut out your print out.

Step 4.  Adhere to cake using Shortening.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Star Wars Cake!

 Before we start... I need to apologize.  When I sit down to write these posts for you I am sooo excited to share everything with you, and then, I realize... I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES!!  It drives me crazy that I do this so I apologize:(.  The truth is that usually I am so buried in cake work that even if I were to remember I sometimes don't even have the time:( (seriously there is that much work sometimes no joke).  Ok well, apology aside, I can still share with you what I did to get this super fun Star Wars cake!!


** 2 cake tiers covered in WHITE fondant (we use our Cake Couture fondant)
** An airbursh with colors purple and black
** The Star Wars text print out in the size you like for your cake
** Disney figurines
** Buttercream with a #2 or #3 piping tip for stars
** Black ribbon for base of tier
** Tan colored fondant & gold luster dust with vodka (for painting)
** White fondant and Patch-Work letter cutters


Step 1.  With each tier choose a bottom 'corner' and spray with purple.  After the purple spray the remainder of the tier in black.  Once you have a pretty good black coat finish off with a good dose of purple EVERYWHERE.  This purple on black effect softens the black and gives the cake a seamless well blended look especially with that portion of purple.  I LOVE this effect because it give it a super cool Star Wars look!:)

Step 2. Once the cake is dry cut our your star wars letters with the tan fondant (see our tutorial on 2D cutting).  Cut out your white letters.  Attach everything using shortening (I prefer to use high ratio shortening because it sticks better).  I don't like to use sugar glue because you can't move anything around if you need to!

Step 3. Paint your Star Wars logo with your gold luster dust mixed with a little vodka.

Step 4. Use a small icing tip (#2 or #3) and pipe the stars all around the cake.

Step 5.  Apply the black ribbon at the base of each tier and place your figurines.

May The Force Be With You when you make this cake!!;)
Have a great cake day!