Moustache Cupcake Toppers!

 Ok, so let's just say that I started having waaay too much fun with my new graphics software editor--and of course that means more cake fun!:)  These little cupcake toppers are perfect for a little man or a big man party;0)!

There are many different ways to put toppers on a cupcake.  This includes placing the topper directly on top of the icing (as shown), directly into the icing, or on a toothpick for the paper print out version.  In this tutorial we will be covering the steps for how to make the toppers shown here.

The cupcake toppers shown here are an edible image placed on top of a firmed gumpaste disk.  These are easy and fun to make!!  Here are all the steps and our YouTube video!


Mustache Printables (Now on our Etsy)
3" Cookie cutter
2 1/2" Paper Punch
Fondant smoother & roller
Cornstarch for non sticking of gumpaste


Step 1.  Massage and roll out your gumpaste.  Use cornstarch (or a dab of crisco) if sticky.  I like to use a Kitchenaid pasta roller to get a consistent strip.  I rolled this out to a #2 pasta roller setting. 

Step 2.  Use your 3" cookie cutter to cut out your gumpaste disks.  Place on a lightly dusted tray and let dry overnight.  Rotate to opposite side the following day.

Step 3.  Meanwhile, print your mustache images on your edible image sheet.

Step 4.  Remove the plastic backing of the area you want to cut.  Using your 2 1/2" paper punch center (use back window) and cut out the image (turn over your punch to easily pop them out).

Step 5.  Rub a little bit of shortening on the gumpaste disks for the 'glue'.  Place image on top.

Step 6.  With edible images it is ALWAYS important to remove air bubbles.  You might not see them when you first place the image but they will develop--prevent this by using a paper towel and using a fondant smoother to smooth the tops well.

And that is it you are done!!
These are cute and so much fun!
Happy Cake Making!



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