Cake Tools

Every cake decorator dreams of a cake with a beautiful smooth finish and nice clean edges.  Over the years I have found that without the right tools, cakes do not come out as clean.  Here is a list of some of the must have cake tools.

Top Ten Cake Tool Must Haves

1. Pans
It starts with professional quality cake pans.  As a cake decorator you want pans with straight edges versus the ones that are set at an angle.  Beware of your kitchen storage space since, unless they vary in size, they do not sit one inside the other.  Wilton and Fat Diddo's make some really nice round and square pans.  I use the round a lot more than the square ones, however, they are both very nice to have.  Shaped pans are a fun novelty.  However, unless you plan on making a lot of this pan it isn't really worth the investment or storage commitment.  If you want a particular shape and you are only planning on using once, renting is a good option.  You can find pans for rent at some cake decorating supply shops.  I like to go to Every Baking Moment in Dixon.

2. Cake Turntable
Cake turntables are absolutely necessary.  Turntables allow you to turn your cake with one hand and ice freely with the other.  Ateco, a bakeware brand, offers this very nice turntable.  I saw this one on Amazon.  It also comes with a nonstick pad that is VERY helpful.  If you are making a number of tiers/levels you can also stock up on the less expensive option:  flat wood turntables from Ikea (located on the first level near flatware).
3. Spatulas
Small and large spatulas with an angle are a must have.  The Wilton and Ateco ones are great.  Choose the plastic handle if you want a little extra comfort.  The spatulas without an angle can be used on the sides, however, I find I don't use them nearly as much as the ones with the angle.

4. Cake Lifter
Wilton cake lifters are a life saver especially when  you are low on counter space.  You can find them at Michael's or Amazon.  I got away with one for a long time... but it was very nice when I got two!

5. Piping Tips
The best way to acquire your first tips is with a basic set.  You will want round ones for writing and dots.  You will also need shells for borders and tips for rose petals and leaves.  It is also fun to have a grass tip.  Ateco makes a nice basic set.  Wilton also has a number of very nice sets.  Some even come with a rose nail, spatulas and colors.  However beware of the white and clear plastic holder/tray.  It looks very convenient, but the one I have can't keep the tips up!  I have found tackle boxes (found in the sport and game section at Walmart) to be best for organizing a number of tips.

6. Color
Wilton colors tend to be more cumbersome to get out of the containers.  You need a toothpick and a clean one every time you make a dip.  I recommend AmeriColor cake colors.  Their color containers are made to make coloring quick and easy.  Just squirt and if you need more squirt some more!  No toothpick or double dipping issues.  The only draw back: I have only found AmeriColor colors at cake decorating supply shops (not Michaels), however, it is also available at Amazon.  You can also add surface color through dusts and shimmers.  You can find a variety of these at cake decorating supply stores, Michaels, or Amazon.

7. Piping Bags
Disposable or vinyl, either one works well.  This one is more of a personal preference.  You can decide if you would rather fill the landfill or use a lot of water for cleaning!  I like the disposable, however, I don't use them as much as I used to since it is all about fondant these days.

8. The Cake Knife

For a long time I used a standard 12" long bread knife and it was ok... but when I finally got a myself a professional 14" long cake/bread knife, I thought, "why did I wait so long!".  A 12" knife works for most pans, however, you will find that the more cakes you make that 14" one comes in the most handy.  Another good Ateco product here.

9. Fondant Roller and Smoother
If you plan to work with fondant get a large and small fondant roller.  These are absolutely necessary for fondant.  I tried to get away with the wood one in the past, and the fondant refused to obey!  The large roller is essential if you plan to cover cakes, and the small roller is perfect for those fondant accents.  Fondant mats can be helpful for sizing accuracy, however, not essential  I use our dinner table top but DO NOT forget to coat your area with powdered sugar.

10. Fondant Tools
These are great for making figurines and any special shapes.  Also, get a nice set of quality paint brushes to use for 'painting' on water to 'glue' fondant to itself or for adding dusts or shimmers.

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  1. Hobby Lobby also carries the AmeriColors.