Welcome to Cake Talk!  Our goal is to share with you tips and tricks when it comes to cake decorating.  Every cake project tests our skills and pushes our talent to a deeper level.  All of us have many different cake experiences so enjoy this blog and please bring in your comments and contributions!


My name is Christie Vega Apodaca and I am a cake decorating enthusiast.  I started cake decorating when I was 12 and when star piping was all the rage!  I successfully convinced my mother to sign up to a Davis Adult School course in cake decorating so I could tag along.  Pretty soon she was dropping me off in class and going back home!  Needless to say I have enjoyed cake decorating ever since.

I was born in Lima, Peru, and when I was about 5 years old my parents permanently settled in Davis, California.  I grew up in Davis, going to all of the schools including the University of California at Davis.  In 2000 I graduated with a degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and worked in industry for a several years.  I worked for a number of corporations including Toyota, Accenture, and Johns Manville specializing in Process Engineering and Quality.  In 2005 I married my sweetheart Joseph Apodaca a mechanic by trade.

Eager to jump into management, after my stint in the corporate world I tried my hand at family business.  My parents business is a local poultry farm specializing in cage free eggs located in Dixon, California.  I learned a great deal from family business, and after several years I realized I was eager for another change.  But wait!  By this time I had two little ones and I was no longer the free spirit going full speed ahead to climb that corporate ladder!  With corporate goals on hold, I decided to pursue my MBA beginning Fall 2013.  Between now, and graduation, I am excited to have started Cake Couture, a small business of specialty cakes!

With the cake decorating becoming increasingly popular, home cake decorators need solutions, solutions, and more solutions to get that perfectly cute cake idea made - on time and on budget!

Welcome and enjoy!


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