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How to throw a Unicorn Cake Party!

Hello Cake Couture Loves!  This is an extra special blog post about how I organized my little girls unicorn cake party <3. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart, but then again cake decorating never is lol. Hosting cake parties and events is SOO much fun for me. But this time was slightly different. Normally I have decorators decorate cakes freestyle, but this time it is all about the unicorn cake per Amanda's request:)! This post gives you an idea of the prep work, house set up and decorating process that made this party one to remember <3. Prep, Prep, Prep This decorating activity is ALL about the prep work. Items I prepped for the party: 16 crumb-coated and filled cake for each guest 3 large batches of buttercream 16 tan unicorn horns16 pairs of white outer ears16 pairs of tan inner ears 16 pairs of black eyes16 pairs of  white large eye dots16 pairs of white small eye dots 16 pairs of white tiny eye dotsTwo 16" bags of pink buttercreamTwo 16" bags of orang…

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