Floating Chopsticks Ramen Cake

So are you more of a Ramen person or cake person?
Well.... I have to admit... I'm both!! 
So when I got this cake order I was SOOO excited:-D!!

In this post I am sharing the steps to make this cake as well as close up and behind the scenes pic (plus our kitchen in the middle of it's remodel stage - no backsplash lol).
First up, materials...

2 - 8" Cake rounds
Chocolate Ganache
2 skewer
Drill and thin drill bit for chopsticks
Tylose powder (optional)
Gold cake dust

Step 1:
Similar to other cake projects I like to share on this blog it is all about the prep, prep and more prep. You can never over prepare it seems when it comes to cake lol! In order to give the cake decor sufficient drying time, about 3-4 days prior to cake day I prepared the decor. Here you can see how I rolled, scored, painted and shaped the fondant to make meat slices, eggs and green onions. I used a little bit of tylose powder for these pieces but considering the long drying time it's not totally required. Also, note: don't make the noodles at this point because they will become unworkable by the time you need them. Make that at the time you put the final touches on the cake together (although I was really excited to see what the noodles would look like so I tested a couple and you can see them in the pic below).

Step 2:
Prep the chopsticks! Take your drill and drill a small hole in both chopsticks approximately 1 inch or so from the front end. Once drilled, criss-cross the chopsticks and lace a small wire (like the wires used for bread ties!) through the holes and wind to tighten. Use white electrical tape to secure the wire and chopsticks to the skewers.

Step 3:
With the prep done a few days before... now its time for cake day! Take your cooled 8" cake tiers and using a cake knife shave the bottom edge to shape the cake as a bowl (make trimming even easier by freezing your cake prior!). I also trimmed the top surface here to get some depth for the noodles. After trimming the cake, cover and smooth your chocolate ganache. One finished trim your cake pad to be the same size of the bottom of your bowl.

Step 4:
And now the fondant! Roll out your fondant and place your cake on top of your cake board. Secure the cake down the center with your skewers and chopsticks set up. Roll the fondant thick to give the bowl some good thickness. You can secure the fondant to the ganache with some shortening. Now you have your bowl and chopsticks and we are ready to decorate!

Step 5:
This part is super fun:). Use your extruder and fondant to make your noodles. You can also put a thin layer of cornstarch on the counter and use this to very lightly coat the noodles to keep them from sticking together... this gives the noodles a very realistic look:). Wrap your noodles around the chopsticks generously to cover the skewer set up. Brush water on the noodles that you actually want sticking together. As you are filling in the noodles place your finished fondant pieces so that you get a good fit and layout without having to over noodle lol.

And that is it!!
More close ups below:).
Have a great cake day!


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