Valentine Birthday Cake

Hello Cake Maker!

Today I wanted to share with you this super cute first birthday cake design I made for a sweet little one<3. 

You know, with Valentines around the corner I got to thinking about this really fun birthday cake. I remember like it was yesterday when I hand 'pinched' every one of the mini hearts on this cake.

I don't have behind the scenes pictures about this cake (I know I am horrible, I promise I will try to do better:)!) but I will make this short and sweet.

If you make this or a cake like this one I would LOVE to see it:), share below!


- Light blue fondant
- Light pink fondant
- Red fondant
- Tylose powder
- 8" and 10" crumb coated cakes
- Ruler
- Ball tool or toothpick
- Cup of water and brush


Pre-step: Make your desired cake topper by mixing your fondant with tylose or CMC powder (these are the same thing) and let dry. When dry I like to secure a skewer to the back using fondant and sugar glue.

Step 1. Cover your 10" cake in light blue fondant. Next roll out your light blue fondant to a thin even thickness (use a pasta roller if you have access to one!). 

Step 2. Cut long stripes using your ruler for thickness.

Step 3. Using a ball tool or a toothpick, gently roll out one edge of the fondant strip. 

Step 4. Brush water around the perimeter of the cake starting from the top. I like the look of  overlapping the top about 1/4 inch. Work your way down the entire cake tier until you reach the bottom of the tier. I had a pretty wide ruler and I liked the big strip look so you can see that I used 5 strips (I also like to use odd numbers for decorating).

Step 5. Stack your cake tiers like you normally do and place the light pink covered tier on top.

Step 6. Repeat steps 1-4 for the strips of the light pink tier

....and for my FAVORITE part!

Step 7. Make mini hearts!! I have not yet found or made a mold for these mini mini hearts but I did manage to get through making all of these by hand, here's how: take a tiny ball of red fondant, roll it, pinch one end and take a sharp / thin edge and press the end opposite the pinch. Then place it on the cake using water or shortening. I made enough to space them as pictured since I felt anymore would feel too crowded. 

Step 8. Add your topper. Here I also added a mini heart, I think it really completes the looks <3

And that was the short and sweet blog post. Tell me what are your thoughts of this design? Do you have a valentine birthday fav?

Happy cake making!:)



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