How to throw a Unicorn Cake Party!

Hello Cake Couture Loves! 
This is an extra special blog post about how I organized my little girls unicorn cake party <3.
Warning: this is not for the faint of heart, but then again cake decorating never is lol.
Hosting cake parties and events is SOO much fun for me. But this time was slightly different. Normally I have decorators decorate cakes freestyle, but this time it is all about the unicorn cake per Amanda's request:)!
This post gives you an idea of the prep work, house set up and decorating process that made this party one to remember <3.
Prep, Prep, Prep
This decorating activity is ALL about the prep work.
Items I prepped for the party:
  • 16 crumb-coated and filled cake for each guest 
  • 3 large batches of buttercream 
  • 16 tan unicorn horns (tutorial here)
  • 16 pairs of white outer ears
  • 16 pairs of tan inner ears 
  • 16 pairs of black eyes
  • 16 pairs of  white large eye dots
  • 16 pairs of white small eye dots 
  • 16 pairs of white tiny eye dots
  • Two 16" bags of pink buttercream
  • Two 16" bags of orange buttercream
  • One 16" bag of blue buttercream
  • One 16" bag of green buttercream
Yes, that is A LOT to prep!! 
Also, I will post next time on how to make the unicorn horns!
I made all horns about two days before the party to give them enough time to dry. The eye and ear pieces were made the day before. The horn and inner ears were all colored tan in order to make painting process easier.
Horns were placed in styrofoam cakes to dry and hold during the party while the fondant pieces were placed on trays with powdered sugar
Here are some pictures of all the prepped items:

Home Set Up

Our home is not huge so when it comes to these events we have to get creative, which usually means moving our sofa to another part of the house!
How I set up the activity:
  • Cleared one large room for the decorating activity (tip: avoid carpet entirely unless you are ok with getting frosting on your carpet!)
  • 1 table designated to hold only cakes 
  • 1 table dedicated for frosting cakes including: 
    • 1 butterceam bowl in the center
    • 4 lazy Susan's
    • 4 decorating spatulas
    • 4 Non-skid pad on top of each lazy Susan sized smaller than cake board
  • 1 table dedicated for buttercream piping including:
    • All prepped bags of buttercream
  • 1 table dedicated for fondant decorating including:
    • Large disposable plates and sharpie for kids to write their name on to put their finished fondant pieces
    • All trays of prepped fondant decorations
    • 1 small container of gold cake paint with brush
    • 1 small bowl for water and brush to 'glue' unicorn inner and outer ears (you can also include toothpicks if you like)
    • Prepped unicorn horns

The Decorating Process

With all of your prep work and home set up out of the way, now it is time to party!

First, expect it to be super super busy so make sure to ask someone to take pictures so you don't miss anything:).
Here are the steps of the process I like to do to run these parties:
  • Step 1: Send kids to wash their hands
  • Step 2: 4 kids take a cake and sit at the frosting table to frost their cake
  • Step 3: Kids that want to do something but are not yet able to decorate their cake go to the fondant table to paint and prep the unicorn horns, ears and eyes. They write their name on a disposable plate in order to take their pieces with them
  • Step 4: After kids have a frosted cake they move to the buttercream table and pipe their unicorn's mane onto their cake
  • Step 5: All kids finish preparing their fondant pieces and those that prepped their fondant pieces first, frost and pipe their unicorn cake mane
  • Step 6: Kids place their unicorn horn and ears on their cake
  • Step 7: Take their cute pictures!!!
  • Step 8: Place them in a box so they can take the cake home and enjoy them later:-D <3

That wraps up this special blog post of the unicorn cake party!! Check out some behind the scenes pic of Amanda's actual cake below. She was very specific on how she wanted the unicorn's eyes and ears to look. She specifically wanted 3 white dots which is why in the activity there are multiple white dots for the eyes as well lol. Love it:).
Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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