Five Steps to a Fondant Grinch

What fun Christmas cake projects are you up to this holiday season? For me it was putting together this super fun Grinch cake for an ugly sweater party:)!

In this blog post I go through all of the steps I took to make this little guy <3.
Btw, for this modeling I didn't use any gum or tylose/CMC!

What you will need:

1. Cake Couture Fondant - I used avocado green with a touch of electric green to get a really Grinch-y green. Also for his face and sweater you will want red, green, white and a tiny amount of yellow and and black 
2. Skewer - I like a thick skewers for this one
3. Foam Balls (typically used for flowers) - I used tear-shaped foam because that was what I had, however, round ones should be just as good. For cakes, always, always, always use smooth
4. Floral wire - Remove any covering
5. Heavy shortening or water - I like to use high-ratio shortening because it is heavy and thick allowing you to use as a glue for fondant. You can also use water with a brush, however this can sometimes be less forgiving if you decide you want to move a piece.  
6. Foam cake - or similar working surface. If you are using foam use a smooth foam.
7. Mini bow mold - for the wreaths on the ugly sweater


Step 1. Push a sharp skewer all the way through one foam piece and partially through another foam piece (see pic below). Pull the skewer out and cut the blunt end accordingly to get the right length you want to work with (keep the sharp side). Push the skewer back in in a way to keep the sharp point of the skewer exposed and insert into your foam cake or other similar working surface. Roll out thick pieces of green fondant and apply with shortening

Step 2.  Layer additional pieces of fondant to build out the face, chest and body shape using shortening to glue pieces upon pieces (or a tiny bit of water). Rub your fingers through the fondant to smooth out any creases

Step 3. Bend arm wires, cover with shortening and fold a rolled green arm along the bends of the wire. Insert the arms at the shoulder to find best position. Roll out two more pieces similar to the arms to make the feet. Adhere to the skewer with water

Step 4. Roll out layers of red fondant to make the sweater. Remove the arms and cover the body and each arm with shortening to add the red layer of fondant. Re-position the arms and adhere with water or super glue. Add the Grinch's neck hair and eyes. I used yellow for the entire eye, a red center and a white dot for the eye highlight. to make the eye highlight extra white I dabbed a tiny tiny amount of Wilton white on top. Also, roll out a very thin amount of black to make his smile. Shape the hair and eyebrows

Step 5. And now for the sweater! Roll out your dark green and use piping tips to cut out out small wreaths. For the bows use a small mold and trim with white. Adhere everything with shortening

And that is it!
Hope you enjoyed this blog post!
I would love to see your version please share<3.
Thanks for reading and spread the cake love!



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