Supermarket Sweets

With my years of working on cakes, I can completely appreciate the significant labor of love involved in making such beautiful pieces of work. This is exactly why I understand that supermarket cakes don't usually stack up to the typical custom cake (or cookie!) job.

Detailed concessionary art is a process that can be extremely time consuming. So seeing cakes that might be lopsided, lack flavor, use poor ingredients, have very little artistic detail, is, well... is what I can expect at a supermarket! (btw I live in California lol)

So you can believe that I was literally SHOCKED when I went into a local supermarket in Lima, Peru (mind you Peru is a third world country) and I saw these BEAUTIFUL pieces of confectionery art.

Look at the AMAZING detail in EVERY one of those decorated cookies above. And below, check out these fondant-covered (yes FONDANT covered!) cupcakes. Further below check out the rosette cupcakes in offset colors! All of these products were displayed on a beautiful table near each other. I just LOVE to see this.

When I was making cakes it was my goal to make beautiful cakes and cupcakes to everyone. This really inspires me to see what is really possible.

Happy caking my friends!



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