Perfect Gluten Free Cakes

This cupcake cake is a very special Gluten-free cake I made for my daughters for their piano recital:).

There was a time that my oldest daughter had a really tough time digesting certain foods. She avoided breads in general. No P&Js for her (seriously, lunch was SOO difficult) and took one capful of MiraLax daily (poor thing). 

It was horrible to say the least. I finally got to the bottom of it - turns out she had a very slow digestion system. And because wheat is more difficult for a tummy to break down, gluten-free is what she needed. Switching to baking Gluten-Free was a challenge for me (honestly, I am more of a decorator than a baker!).

So how exactly did I make the perfect gluten-free cakes?
Using King Arthur Gluten-Free cake mix, they are simply the best!
The vanilla is our personal favorite (people CAN'T believe it is Gluten-Free), and if you are wanting less sweet, go with the Chocolate.

But we did it, we went Gluten-Free for a couple of years and it made a world of a difference for her. It was awesome to see her enjoying foods and still be full of energy after eating!
Here is a picture of me and the girls, I am looking tired after a late night of studying and decorating lol.

Happy cake making!


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