How Much Does a Cake Cost?

"How much does a cake cost?" that is probably the most asked question I have gotten from cake customers and cake makers a like. And really, it is a tricky one because there are so many factors involved.

As a cake maker, every cake is different and can range in hours to days of more or less time. As a cake buyer, your day could be the most special day of your life... with a budget of course!

So how exactly can cakes be priced accordingly? I am writing this post to HELP you answer that question. With these steps you should be able to find it easier to obtain your cake pricing. However, I will not be actually stating pricing aside from examples due to cost variation in people's unique locations.

Step 1.
The absolutely first thing I did, and I recommend you do, is research cake prices in YOUR area. Since you will be making cakes in the area that you live or work, find out where the people around you buy cakes from. Maybe they purchase at the supermarket, a local bakery or in a nearby custom cake shop? 

Don't let all the options and prices overwhelm you. Just focus on the prices of what you are more interested in selling. For instance, maybe it's round cakes (like 6"or 8"), or maybe it is tiered cakes or simply just cupcakes?
This will give you an idea of what cakes prices your potential customers are paying especially for simpler cakes. Use these rough rates to get a good handle on basic prices. 

Step 2.
Using the basic rates, create your custom cake rates. When I was actively cake making I found that using two different rate structures was pretty beneficial. These were, 'Just the cake Rate and the 'Per Serving Rate'.

I used Just the cake Rate mostly for birthday parties and smaller cakes (one tier or two tiers).  I also limited the cake flavor options to keep cake prices down for the customer. For example I liked starting one tier custom cakes at $75 and two tier custom cakes at $120 (final rate depended on decor).

The per serving rate I typically used for multi-tiered wedding cakes. With these cakes I offered different cake flavor options, cake tastings, delivery and cake stand rental. The final rate was dependent on the decoration choice. For instance prices ranged from $5-$9 per serving depending on decor.

Step 3.

Create your starting rate for your cakes. Starting rates are useful for customers to get an idea of your rates. When someone asks you for your cake prices you can quickly say something like "simple cakes start at $40" or "custom cakes start at $75" etc.

This helps you quickly AND simply answer such a difficult question.
So that's it from me about cake rates!

I would love to hear from you. leave your comments below!
How do you price cakes?
What cake blog posts are you interested in reading?

Happy caking!



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