Hey, so I was a horrible cake maker...

I have to admit it.
I love cake making, but when I started my cake making business. 
I wasn't very good.

I was so proud of this cake.
It was one of my first two tier fondant cake:)!
But mostly I thought I was SOO artistic and all

But you know what happened?
I actually DROPPED this cake on the way to deliver it to the client.
I was devastated. 

I gave the client his money back and apologized profusely.
I called them later to apologize again. 
This was like my FIRST official cake delivery and it was a total FAIL!!!

But you know what the worst thing was?
Aside from telling me that it was ok, they said what disappointed them the most was the design.
I was like...WHAT?? <*Tears*>
I was crushed.

Not only did I have a failed delivery, but my client told me the what they REALLY thought about my cake--and it wasn't pretty:(.

Well, that taught me lesson 
#1. ALWAYS learn (ideally through pictures) what the client wants and NEVER do when they say "whatever you think looks good"!

Man, learning these lessons have been difficult.
But I am excited to share these stories to help you.
Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but at least I tried;-).

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Happy Cake Making!



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