Fondant Bead Chain (3D) and the Alice in Wonderland Cake

Hello Cake Couture Fans!
Today I wanted to share with you my 3D beading technique.

This might seem the same as the technique used on the borders of the top and bottom tiers, but nope, this is TOTALLY different! Note: the beaded borders are shaped using a 2D mold.

I was struggling to figure out just how to make this pocket watch look more chain-like.  I finally decided if I wanted it out of fondant it would be best to have a 3D beaded chain.

I also used this technique to make tear drops in a past project (see image below)

This technique is 'flossin', check it out!:)


White Dental Floss
Threading sewing needle
Floral wire
Sugar glue (1/2 tsp. tylose, 1/2 tsp sugar, 3-4 tbsp of super hot water, stir and set aside for about an hour)

Step 1
Thread your needle with a long piece of dental floss.  Tie opposite end with a large knot and preferably with a small piece of floral wire.

Step 2
Roll your fondant into the shape you want

Step 3
Connect your pieces using your needle and floss. Note: If you want to create a separated look as in the raindrops, apply sugar glue to the areas of the floss that the fondant will sit on; after setting your fondant pieces the preferred distance apart let them set to dry.

Step 4
Secure your loose floss ends by sandwiching them between fondant layers (as in the cloud in the raindrop cake) or using floral wire to insert it into the cake.

Step 5
Secure any loose beading if possible with sugar glue and paint accordingly.

Let me know below if you tried it!!:)

Happy Cake Making!


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