Rubik Cube Pac Man Cake!

If you were born in the late 70s / early 80s you likely have a special affinity with Rubik cubes or Pac Man.  Ok so yeah, I LOVE the Rubik cube but left the Pac Man to my brothers lol!!

Such a fun look, check out how we made this cake below!
And if you already noticed the typo on the cake the fix is super easy with our technique;-).


* Cake ingredients
* 10" x 10" Square cake pans
* Cake boards (10" x 10" and 4" x 4")
* Buttercream
Pixel Font template This is the exact sizing I used, some modification required
* Sugar glue (made from 1 tsp of tylose, 1 tsp of sugar, and about 2-4 tbsp of super hot or boiling water-mix all and set aside for 15 minutes)
* Fondant in white, red, blue, green, orange and yellow
* Black air brush color (or black fondant, although I find it easier to work with air brush)
* Airbrush
* Fondant rolling pin
* Pasta roller mixer adapter
* 4"W x 4"L x 4"H Styrofoam block (see Styrofoam Note below)

Styrofoam Note: To make this block I used an 8" round cake foam (4" tall) and cut it down to 4"W x 4"L (x 4"H).  I used a foam wire cutter that my husband built using a hand built frame, guitar string, and a voltage regulator.  However, the homemade version can be a little unstable so I do recommend buying a foam cutter online (google hot wire foam cutter).  You can of course just make this cube out of cake, however, you might consider a ganache rather than buttercream layer under the fondant to achieve the crisp square look.

And now for the steps!

Step 1.  Bake  Square Cakes
Bake two 10"x 10" cake layers (2" tall) per your designated formula.  Remove from pans and let cool completely atop their cake board and cooling racks.  Cut each layer in half.  Wrap your cake in plastic wrap and foil and store in your freezer.  If you have a designated cake freezer you should be good with no wrapping:).

Step 2. Rubik cube topper
Make (or bake) the 4" x 4" Rubik cube topper.  I cut this one out of Styrofoam with a wire cutter and added screws below for weight. Cover this cube in buttercream before covering with fondant.

Step 2.  Topper Time
Use the Pixel Font template to create your number topper.  You can use gumpaste, however, I personally prefer to use marshmallow fondant with gum tragacanth mixed in (although you can also use tylose powder).  I like to make toppers like these at least two days in advance to allow enough time to harden. Typically overnight is good although it will depend on how much gum you mix in.

Step 3.  Buttercream and Cover with Fondant

Bring your cake out of the freezer and let thaw slightly so that you can split the cake layers apart.  Fill your cake accordingly and crumb coat with buttercream.  NOTE:  SQUARE CAKE TIP--->  Trim the corners from the inner layers to allow easier 'squaring' for both buttercream and fondant.  Roll out your fondant to cover your square cake.

ALSO cover your Styrofoam square with buttercream and cover with fondant.  NOTE: STYROFOAM TIP---> Place Styrofoam on cake board prior to buttercream (you can also use shortening or water).

Once tiers are covered in fondant let set to firm for about 1-3 hours in a cool dry area.

Step 4.  Black it out!

Take the firmed tiers and prepare your designated area for the black airbrushing.  You could always opt to cover the cake directly with black fondant rather than airbrushing but in all honesty I am NOT a fan of rolling out heavily colored marshmallow fondant lol.  Satin Ice fondant might be a good option here, however, beware of elephant skin and cracks (eek!).

Airbrush both the 10" x 10" and the 4" x 4".  

Step 5.  Fondant Details
Roll out your colors using the pasta roller attachment with the number 2 setting.  Let them firm for about half hour or longer.  This will allow for easier cutting, work-ability, and cleaner finish.

While these colors are drying out make your fondant pieces for the Pac Man detail.  NOTE:  FONDANT WORK-ABILITY TIP--->  Use shortening to 'stick' pieces on so you can easily make adjustments and 'fixes'.  This was how we fixed the text super easily, just quickly relocate ;-).

When the colors are nice and firm start your cutting using the same technique for the side blocks of the Lego Cake.  I used graph paper and drew out lines about 1.25" x 1.25" or whatever sizing works best for your cube.  Again use shortening to allow for quick and easy changes:).

Step 6.  Finishing
Cut out fondant rounds to secure skewers to the back of your number topper with sugar glue.  Insert number toppers into Styrofoam.  Also, insert a skewer under the cube to insert into the cake.  All skewers should be adjust for height accordingly.  And that is it!

That wraps up this 40th birthday cake!
Happy cake making!



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