Perfect Little Teddy Bear Topper

Hello Cake Couture fans!  This is a quick tutorial on how to make a cute little teddy bear cake topper.  The biggest trick here is getting the measurements right and that is exactly what I have for you today! Let us begin:).


* Fondant in desired color
* Powdered sugar and shortening (prefer crisco) for work-ability)
* Gum Tragacanth OR Tylose Powder (I prefer the gum but I think most people prefer Tylose)
* Black Sugar Pearls aka dragees which are available at Michaels or your local cake supply shop
* Stitch rotary tool available from your local sewing shop
* Scale to weigh fondant
* Sugar glue (Use a fork to mix 1 tsp Tylose and 1 tsp sugar with 2 tbsp super hot/boiling water and let set)
* optional items: Bow mold available at Michaels in the wax molding area (I think) and contrasting fondant color

Now for the steps!

Step 1. Mix some gum or tylose with your teddy bear fondant to initiate firmness.  If you wait about 10 minutes or so this will help with modeling firmness.

Step 2.  
Make a pear shape body with 3 ounces of fondant.

Step 3. Make the head ball out of 1.7 ounces of fondant

Step 4.  After head and body have dried a little, make two long tear drop shapes with 0.2 ounces of fondant for the arms

Step 5. Make 2 more similar tear drop shapes, but shorter squishing the bottom flat for the legs.

Step 6. With head and body a bit firmer/drier connect the head to the body with sugar glue and with the help of a toothpick if needed.  Assemble the legs and arms using sugar glue soon after you shape them to incorporate a soft look.

Step 7.  Cut a flat round piece out for the mouth area (you can secure this with shortening to avoid fondant mistake issues).  With mouth area piece in, mark eyes and nose spots and apply carefully.  Also add a tail if you like!  Make little ears by rolling a small ball and using a round tool or dowel for the hole.  Affix with sugar glue.

Step 8.  After teddy bear is more or less dry, very carefully run the rotary tool in desired areas to get a nice stitched look.  Also add the bow in contrasting color if desired.  

And that's it for Teddy Bear making!!

Happy Caking!


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