Polka Dot Fondant

Hello Cake Couture fans!  It has been a while since my last post!  A number of things (including a horrible back issue) have kept me away but here I am again:)!

This is a quick post on making polka dot fondant.  Don't you just LOVE polka dot fondant!!  I do... It is SUPER cute, but of course a little tricky to make:-P.  I hope you find this tutorial helpful if you want to reproduce this look!


Fondant* (in your main color and dot color)
Small fondant roller
Kitchen Aid pasta roller (mixer attachment) optional
Cutter (Pizza cutter/small knife/cookie cutter--depending on the shape you are trying to cut)

*Homemade or Cake Couture fondant preferred.  Other fondants may or may not work it really depends on their consistency and texture.

Step 1.  Roll out your main colored part slightly thicker than the final thickness you want.  For instance, with this red bow after rolling it out thick I used the Kitchen Aid pasta roller and with it set at its widest setting (turn it away from the numbers) I gave it a final roll.

Step 2.  Take your dot color and pinch little tiny amounts of fondant out.  Roll these into a ball.  Dab these on (if they have a hard time sticking try using a little high-ratio shortening) in an evenly spaced pattern.  I don't use a template, but just use a rough alternating pattern that you like.  In all honesty this is the most time intensive step... but a lot of it has to do with the fact that the fondant doesn't like to stick too well.  If you want to dab water that will definitely work, however, that can make a mess of fondant.  Tip: just take your time and work with these little dots to place them on nicely.  Squish them just a LITTLE bit in this step.

Step 3.   Follow by rolling in both horizontal and vertical directions.  This allows for the dots to stay circular looking.  I like to use the Kitchen Aid roller whenever possible but you can use the small roller (I used the small roller here because this section was larger than the Kitchen Aid allows).  However, keep in mind that after all that dot work you pretty much have ONE chance to get it right so the dots have a nice look.  If you use the Kitchen Aid run it again through the widest setting with the dots (to make them flush).  Then turn it to the #1 setting and flip it in the opposite direction to get the fondant thinner and keep the circular dot look.

Step 4.  Cut out accordingly.  You can see from the image above where I placed the dots manually and next to it is a cut out bow section post rolling.

You can try this polka dot technique in many other looks and patterns!  Check out these cupcake toppers below!

Have a great cake day!


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