How to Make Zebra Stripes

Zebra striped cake!!!  This is a super fun and super easy technique!  And here is our very quick tutorial on how to copy this look!


* Fondant covered cake
* Black fondant for the stripes
* Small sharp knife
* Shortening with a small brush

Step 1.  Roll out your black fondant super thin.  We like to use our Kitchenaid Pasta attachment on our mixer on setting 2.  However, the attachment is NOT necessary.  Just get the black super thin.

Step 2.  Let the fondant sit.  Ok so that might not work for all fondants, however, we LOVE to use our Cake Couture fondant.  Cake Couture fondant sets up super nice and firm without drying out allowing for sharp edge cutting.  

Step 3.  Cut V's, Y's, and wedges with a small sharp knife. (See picture!:))

Step 4.  Adhere the pieces to the cake by brushing on shortening.  You can use water as well, however, if you want to move a piece for better placing it might leave a mark... which is why we love using shortening:).

And that is it!!

Happy Cake Making!

Cake Couture Designer


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