How to make a Tutu Cake Board

The tutu cake is perfect for a baby or bridal shower... and let's not forget the beautiful ballerina!:-D  This is a quick tutorial on how to make the fluffy tutu cake board.


* 2 layers of tutu trim
* 9" cake boards (2 or 3) for spacing
* 14" cake drum for bottom
* Cake on a 10" cake drum
* Glue
* Stapler

Step 1.  The tutu trim:  Using a basting stitch stitch along the edge of each strip of tulle.  Next stitch another line next to your first line of stitches.  Gather the strip into a ruffle by taking the bobbin threads of both stitch lines and pull them out while scrunching the tulle together.  Repeat for all 8 strips.  Once 'scrunched' stitch the strips side by side 4 at a time creating two separate tutu 'layers'.  This gives you a nice full tutu look.  And, just in case you prefer to skip the sewing you can now get these off the shelf on our Etsy shop!

Step 2.  Take two or three 9" cake boards and glue them at the center of 14" cake drum.  This gives you the spacing to place the cake on.  This step also allows for super easy transport!:)

Step 3.  Once the 9" board is glued place one layer of tutu trim along the 9" board and secure with staples on the perimeter.  Repeat for the second layer or tutu trim.

Step 4.  Now you are ready to place the cake on top!!  Use a 10" cake drum.  If the cake is on it... even better!  Affix the 10" cake drum to the 9" cake board with glue.

 Thanks for reading and happy caking!!

Cake Couture Designer


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