Wedding Cake Flowers

Ok I'll be frank... I'm no florist nor stylist.  I can't arrange a bouquet or style a display to save my life!!  If you look at my house.. ok please don't because you would see how 'un' decorated it is! (sob)

But for whatever reason when it comes to the design of cakes, clothes, or accessories I'm more 'with' it.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these things!!:-D

So why this post about  cake flower arranging??  Because, I have noticed that when I deliver wedding cakes, although the florist or a friend has been flagged to place the flowers on the cake, a lot of times there is uncertainty on exactly how they should place the flowers on the cake.  

So here we go... hopefully this blog post helps anyone flagged for the task!:-D.

How to Arrange Flowers on a Cake

The main elements to flower arranging on a cake are balance and color.  Specifically that is... balance between the flowers and the cake and color between the flowers themselves. 
But in lieu of writing any kind 'theory' here, here are the steps I take!:-D

Note:  Cut your flowers as you go to a short stem with a pair of scissors or knife.

Step 1:  Place the largest flower on one side of the base of the largest part of the cake.  

Step 2:  Place the same flower (slightly smaller) on the top tier.

Step 3:  Place a complementary flower color (preferable different texture or slight color variation) 
next to the first flower at the bottom tier.  Choose a flower that is slightly smaller.  

Step 4:  Repeat Step 3 with a like flower on top of the cake (next to the one you already placed on top).

Step 5:  Repeat step 3 and 4 with a different flower on an opposing side of the second flower placed at the base.  This should give you 3 of the largest flowers in sort of a triangular configuration at the base of the 3 tiers.  If you don't like the textures/colors next to each other simply play with different ones to get the look you want:).

Step 6:  Place the smaller sized flowers at the middle tier (of course this is if you have a 3 tier here!:))

Step 7:  Create a flow-y connected look by placing smaller fill-in flowers at different heights to cover exposed cake.  

Step 8:  Choose a different texture/color like greenery to further fill in the flow-y connected look.  Ensure to disperse it's use to get a balance of color.  For instance you can see the dispersed use of green in this pix.

Step 9:  Create a slightly softer/full look by adding some floral just behind the frontal arrangement.

So you can see from the images below... I follow these steps every time:-D!

Thanks for reading and
Happy Cake Making!!

Cake Couture Designer


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