How to Make Fondant Rope

Ok this post is LONG overdue.  
I had meant to put this post up but one thing led to another and welp... I forgot!  *So Sorry!!* 

However, I see that this picture tutorial is one of the most pinned pictures on our Pinterest page and thought... I better put this tutorial together!!  
This is a super fast tutorial on how to make fondant rope.  
No extruder or other fancy device required!  

Just fondant, your hands, a small sharp knife, and a scale!  
Cliff note YouTube version here:)


Marshmallow fondant (Wilton works great here as well)
Small knife
Scale Optional
*And yup that's pretty much it!:)

And now.. for the steps!!

Step 1.  Weight or divide two small pieces of fondant into 1 ounce pieces.

Step 2.  Roll these two 1 ounce balls (individually) with good pressure in the palm of your hands to remove all creases.  Once smooth use your fingers to start start rolling out the pieces slowly and evenly.  Be careful not to go too fast otherwise you might overly thin parts of them.

Step 3.  Once you have two rolled pieces lay one on top of the other and gently roll them in one direction.  As the entire fondant 'rope' begins to form roll the opposite side in the opposite direction with your other hand.

Step 4.  Cut ends with a sharp knife.  This will allow you to seamlessly place another one next to it.

Step 5.  Apply rope lengths to a fondant covered cake by brushing it with water.

And that is it!!
I told you super simple!!;)
Happy caking!



  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Love this tutorial and would love to feature it on - could you reach to us at the following email address: - thank you!

    1. Hello Rebecca,
      Thank you for your interest in our tutorial. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we market and sell our own fondant called Cake Couture Fondant, we are not interested in participating in a feature with Satin Fine Foods. Thank you for considering us!
      Christie Apodaca

  3. I love it! Can you please tell me the tier sizes of that cake? Thank you!

  4. I love your cakes !! If I was to do the rope on a ten inch cake should I use the 2 oz or add a little more. Or roll it out to be 10 in?

  5. Thank u 4 d tutorial too bad am in Nigeria & getting d fondant u recommend is not possible pls can u send a recipe so I can make d fondant myself?

  6. Thank u 4 d tutorial too bad am in Nigeria & getting d fondant u recommend is not possible pls can u send a recipe so I can make d fondant myself?

    1. Hi here is a great recipe and video tutorial!

  7. Amazing thanks for the tutorial.

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