Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fondant Cut Outs!

How can you not love cute 2D characters!  Ok so I know what you are thinking... that is SO hard!  But I am here to tell you that it is SOOO not!  Have you ever played with playdough?  Ok, so it might have been a while but it is pretty much the same thing!  And the big difference is that this tastes a lot better than playdough:).

Also, since you most likely won't have the cookie cutter shape of what you want to make this is a quick tutorial on just how to make a 2D cut out of anything you want!

So here we go.. how to make a 2D character for your cake!!


* A print out (aka template) of what you want to cut

* Marshmallow Fondant (commercial fondant doesn't work as well for this technique)
Search for recipes online or buy our fondant here.

* Small sharp knife

* KitchenAid pasta roller

* Powdered sugar

* Shortening


Step 1.  Roll out your fondant using your pasta roller.  You might prefer a certain thickness, I prefer setting 1 or 2 and also the xtra wide setting by 'backing-up' the knob (not an exact setting but works great!)

Step 2.  Let your fondant 'firm' for at least 5-10 minutes.  **this part only works with marshmallow or our Cake Couture fondant... commercial fondant dries out.  Allowing your fondant to firm leads to very clean-cut looking pieces**

Step 3.  Place your template on top of the fondant and gently cut out your print out.

Step 4.  Adhere to cake using Shortening.

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