Make Your Own Fondant Cake

 One of the biggest questions we are asked is about our fondant.  Fondant is a super smooth rolled icing used to cover cakes (and sometimes cupcakes).  It is know for its big pricetag and it's not so pleasant flavor.  However, at Cake Couture we have found that with a very specific homemade formula we are able to achieve beautiful results with a yummy flavor and without the huge pricetag!

When it comes to fondant even bakery's don't want much to do with it.  Over the counter brands can be difficult to work with and have a chemically taste.  Brides tend to like the look however, not the flavor.  And that's where our marshmallow fondant comes in!:)  You can make your own, check it out here or we now have this available for purchase here:

Through a lot of trial and error we have created a beautiful looking, great tasting, and easy to work with fondant!  So are you ready to make your own beautiful cakes for family friends and that upcoming wedding?!  Read on for how to cover a cake in our marshmallow fondant!:)


  • Baked cake 
  • American Buttercream (we do not recommend Swiss or Italian Meringues for this technique)
  • Fondant Smoother
  • Fondant Roller
  • Bench-scrapper (optional for even smoother sides)
  • Powedered Sugar
  • Cup of water and a brush
  • Lazy Susan for your cake
  • Non-slip small piece to place under your cake
  • Pizza cutter or sharp knife


1. Set up your Lazy Susan with the non-slip piece and place your cake on top of it.

2. Fill and coat your cake in your buttercream.  Work for an even crumb coat (it does not have to be super smooth).  It is preferred that you crumb coat a cake right after bringing out of the freezer.  To do this after baking and completely cooling place it in the freezer for at least 8-24 hours.  This process allows for super smooth finishes AND more cake moisture due to the thawing process (however it does have to be frozen correctly - always wait for complete cooling and wrap if you don't have an all-cake freezer)

3. After crumb coating your cake let it stand at room temperature for about 6 hours.  This process de-thaws the cake completely and gives you a firm surface to work with for fondant covering (refridgeration is not needed here!:)).

4. Next cut off any cardboard visible at the base edge of the cake with a pair of scissors.  With a brush apply a small amount of water at the base edge of the cake.  This will act as your glue for your fondant.

5. If your marshmallow fondant is too firm heat it up in 5-10 second bursts in the microwave.  Knead in any desired color and roll out.  Use powdered sugar as your non-stick agent and a smooth working surface (I use a large Corian cutting board)

6. Roll to about 1/8" thick large enough to cover the top and sides of the cake.

7. Wrap your rolled fondant over your roller and position on top of the cake.  Open up the overhung fondant and push in slightly with your hands working all around the cake.

8. Use your fondant smoother and trim the edge with a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

9. Smooth well with your fondant smoother and pinch the edges for a sharper look if desired by using two fondant smoothers at the same time.

10. If you have any air bubbles DO NOT try to pop them at this time.  Do them after the fondant sets it will look a lot nicer and be so much faster and easier!:)  Let your fondant covered cake stand for about 5-8 hours preferably.

11. After your fondant cake is nice and firm pop any air bubbles with a sharp needle and with a fondant smoother push out air.  
And that is it!  Now your cake is ready to decorate!  Try this for your next special cake project and let us know how it goes!!  Send us your feedback!

Happy Cake Making!



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