Frozen Inspired Party Cake!!

I had a lot of fun putting this party together for my little one's!  Alison turned 5 and Amanda turned 3.  Since in our family there are A LOT of November birthdays (including their's) and with the busy holidays coming up, we like to do a 'consolidated' birthday party.  But that just means I try to make it an extra special day for both of them:).  At least we will see how long they let me get away with this!

So of course it was all about doing a Disney Frozen theme!  Together we picked out the colors blue, purple, and pink.  A lot of the things we picked up at Party City (like the super cute fluffy decorations and popcorn bags!).  The yummy food was made by Jimmy's Peruvian Restaurant.. check out that super cute Olaf potato dish!!:)

We did make some of the things ourselves like the Frozen water bottle wrappers, blue Frozen punch with vanilla ice cream, the popcorn, and of course... the cake!!  Making my girls their cake is a big priority for me which is why I like to not have these parties at home or commit to too much of the party work.  It's all about the cake!!  So here is a quick tutorial on this cake decor...

NOTE:  A number of days before you will want your cake make your snowflake cake toppers.  I make my toppers with marshmallow fondant mixed with a good amount Gum Tragacanth.
For our marshmallow fondant recipe click here.
To buy our marshmallow fondant online click here.
Roll it out with your pasta roller with a setting of 1 or back it up (roll your setting knob backward) to get a thicker roll.  Use a snowflake cutter set (found this one below on Amazon) and let dry for at least a couple of days.  When dry and when you airbrush your cake also airbrush your snowflakes.  Let color dry.  With sugar glue apply white, silver, and blue sugar pearls to spice up the snowflake look:)!

And now for the steps!

Step 1.  Make your tiered cakes, cool, slice layers, and freeze.  Here I used a 6", 8", and 10" four layer cake.  Hints... I like to mark my layers with an edible ink pen so that I can match up the two layers later upon filling.  For a tutorial on this click here.  Also, prepare your cake boards accordingly.  I like to run electrical tape around the edge for a no-show effect and aid in the buttercream smoothing (this is for the cake boards each cake tier sits on).  For the cake board the whole cake sits on prepare accordingly or use an already made cake drum.  For a tutorial on cake board preparation click here.

Step 2.  Prepare your buttercream.  For a tutorial on how we like to make our buttercream click here.  Although I am a HUGE (marshmallow) fondant fan I felt that this cake needed to be buttercream.  The main reason is that with buttercream you can more easily achieve a super sharp edge allowing a nice support for the icicles on the edges.  I suppose you could use fondant for this cake as well, however, in that case I recommend royal icing icicles for the edges.  However, some of the 'edge' look might be compromised.

Step 3.  When you are ready to start bring out one tier at a time, separate layers, fill, and do your crumb coat.  Let sit for about 20-30 minutes at room temperature and then do your final coat.  You can put the tiers in the fridge however, when you are ready to stack them there is a potential that they will sweat when you bring them out.  The issue with sweating is that since this cake is airbrushed there might be a coloring issue.  Therefore, I recommend one they are removed from the freezer... just don't put them back in:)!

Step 4.  Stack your tiered cake as you normally would.  I will be doing a tutorial on this I promise:)!

Step 5.  Mix airbrush cake color blue and bright white to create a lighter blue.  Airbrush with deeper coloring at the tier edges and lighter coloring at the tier centers.  Let dry.  

Step 6.  Using white buttercream and Wilton tip #9 pipe icicles at the edge of each tier.  Pipe the buttercream at the top ledge and drag it downward for a good effect.  Using the same tip pipe a beaded boarder at the tier edges.  

Step 7.  Place your snowflake decor.  Most of them are just leaning on the cake but the top one has a trimmed down skewer with some fondant adhering at at the back with some sugar glue.

And you are done!  When you are ready to transport your cake remove the

 Happy Frozen Cake Making!
Your little one's will LOVE it!!:)


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    1. Great! I am glad you have found this helpful!:)

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