2D Cutouts - Mickey Cutout Cake Topper

 Fondant cut outs are soooo much fun!!!  Here's the thing... although yes 3D modeling does look very cool, there is just SOMETHING super cute and fun about 2D cutouts that brings an image to life on a cake.  It may not be 3D but it can be just as fascinating!!  Ok so maybe I am just an artsy cake geek:).  So after the many many cut out toppers I have made for cake orders, the countless hours of trial and error (blood, sweat, and tears - ok so maybe no blood but definitely tears:)), I am FINALLY ready to post a cut out tutorial with the goal to actually teach you how to make a beautiful custom cake topper for your own cake or for your client.  This tutorial will describe the Mickey Mouse cake topper but you can use this exact same procedure for ANYTHING or ANY topper you might want to make from letters, to numbers, logos, and figures.

How to Make a Mickey Mouse 2D Cutout Cake Topper


Cutout Printout Know what you want to make and make sure sizing is correct
Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) in your various required colors 
lots of recipes online!

Get our EASY to use and YUMMY Fondant HERE

Marshmallow fondant is a must because it gives you the perfect properties to work with.  Preferably it is made at least one day prior) 
Very Sharp Small Knife I use a Messermeister model: Petite Messer.  It is the most PERFECT knife for 2D cut outs
Optional:  Gum Tragacanth OR Tylose Powder only needed if you plan to ship 2D topper or if you want a very firm result like for vertical propping
Powdered Sugar as a non-sticking agent
Shortening or Sugar Glue as a sticking agent

Step 1
Print and cut your image.  You can use cardstock paper, it's extra thickness will help keep it more in place, but no worries if you don't have it regular paper works fine.  Print out extra copies if necessary to obtain any extra needed pieces.  Also, if you ever even THINK you might do this again save your cut out so you don't have to do all that cutting out again!   With your cut out printed you now know how much fondant you will need for each detail. Note: Use premade cutters whenever possible - I cut out the hands here but it turns out I can use a flower cutter and reshape the petals to more easily recreate the hands.

Step 2
Roll out your MMF (using powdered sugar to prevent sticking).  You can do this with a small roller or use a Kitchen Aid pasta roller.  For the topper 'backing' I like to make them extra thick (Kitchen Aid setting - roll it back away from 1, this is not a set setting but it gives you a thicker roll).  For the topper details I like it a little thinner - Kitchen Aid setting #1.  Roll all your various colors.  Tip: start from lightest shade to darkest so you don't have to wash your hands as much.  After doing so many of these I realized my hands were drying out so much - overwashing and I was using sooo many paper towels - fondant work requires super dry hands or you will have sticky pieces. Let your fondant firm and get 'hardened' for at least about 10 min. (more if it is fresh MMF)

Step 3
After the fondant has dried you will see that when you cut the MMF will cut nice and clean.  Lay out all of NOTE:  For this Mickey in particular and for any other 2D topper that will be propped vertically I like make the backing (with added Gum Tragacanth) days in advance to allow extra drying for extra support - Always make the backing just a little larger to give it good outline definition.  Quick Tip:  Use a flower cutter for the hands and shape each finger appropriately.
your paper pieces on the appropriate fondant roll outs and using your sharp knife cut away!! Smooth out the edges with your finger (a little bit of shortening works if the edges are overly dry) 

Step 4
Once you have cut out all of your pieces put them all together using your sticking agent.  If I don't have to ship the topper and/or if you are new to this I like to use shortening for the sticking agent.  Shortening is very forgiving in that you can move the pieces around if you make a mistake.  If you are shipping the topper or if you prefer a stronger hold you can use sugar glue.  I make my sugar glue by heating up 1/4 water and 3/4 Satin Ice (do not use MMF here) in 30 sec. and 10 sec. bursts.  Stir inbetween and let set for 15 min. You can use 1/2 water and 1/2 fondant as well for a thinner glue (but I like a really thick glue:))  Utilize modeling tools to make any image lines or texture.  I actually used the edge of cookie cutters to recreate the nose and mouth lines on Mickey.

Step 5
Draw the nose and mouth lines on Mickey.  I like to use brown here and and black and red for the tongue and shadow.  I also like to use thin Crayola markers since they are non-toxic pens and due to very minimal amount, safe for this application.  It is best to let the topper dry and THEN draw the lines... but i get so impatient and in this case I didn't wait!  Let it dry, prop it on flat foams or just on a plate/tray dusted in powdered sugar.  At this point I like to store the cut out in a cupboard away from natural or artificial light to prevent any color fading.

  Here I added a little tiny bit of white on the nose as a highlighter and getting it all ready to ship!  In the event you want to ship your topper here are my tips:  Use a 9" cake circle and bend on the edges accordingly (as shown).  Cut to fit your small box.  Add cardboard pieces above and below Mickey to prevent sliding and secure with packaging tape.  Lay foam on top of the topper and close securely with packaging tape.  Place in Priority Mail box ships for about $5 anywhere with any weight (available for free at your local US post office).  Before closing box lay down more foam or packing peanuts.  All done!!

Happy Cute Caking!!:)


  1. Woow... This is really beautiful. .. thanks for sharing. I think 2d is the way to go..


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