How to Make a Rosette Cake

I was first asked to make a rosette cake by Ramona, the owner of Simple Country Weddings.  She had a vision of a beautiful yet simple cake for todays contemporary bride.  After making one for her open house this design has become one of our most requested wedding cake styles.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a rosette and how to put it all together.   Make sure to practice your rosette before getting ready to make them on your cake.  But if you mess up don't worry!  Just scrap it out and do it again!  Like my little girl likes to say "keep trying you'll get better!"

Making the Rosette:

1.  Use a 1M tip in your pastry bag filled with buttercream and hold it perpendicular to your surface. Now available in our shop here
2.  Squeeze some out as if you are making a star.
3.  Guide the icing to curve and fold over the center you started.
4.  With the central part formed keep squeezing and circle around the center until you get the rosette size you want.

Here is a video tutorial I put together really showing the technique:


Putting the Rosette Cake together

1.  Crumb coat your cake with the same color you will be using to make the rosettes.  Let the crumb coat firm up for at least an hour (I like to let it firm up for at least a few hours - I have found the longer you let your material get firm, the cleaner the end result looks)

2.  Elevate or lower your cake if needed.  You want to have a comfortable position to create the rosettes.  I also like to work with rosettes on the final display board or stand that it will be on (moving the finished cake to another board could mess them up real easy).  

3.  Start with your first row of rosettes from the bottom.  For this 4" tall cake I made my rosettes about 2" tall which gives me two rows/

4.  For the second row offset the rosettes so that it fills the 'big' space between two rosettes from the bottom row.

5.  After the two rows on the side start on the top.  Place the center rosette first.  Next place rosettes around the central rosette.

6.  There will be gaps with nothing in them.  Here fill in the gaps with the same tip.  Do not use another tip or it will not look right - trust me I've tried it!  Also do everything you can to use circular-sh fill-ins.  I tried filling in with straight-sh lines and it looked horrible.

7.  Let the cake firm up and enjoy your rosette cake!!

Happy Caking!!



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