Color Me Sprinkely - How to custom color sprinkles

Custom colored sprinkles are a nice way to help match your deserts.  When I started to plan for the cake pops in this photo I quickly realized that coral is not a standard sprinkle color carried by most retailers.  Hence, the custom sprinkle making began.  Here is a quick 5 step process for getting your sprinkles your color:

Custom Sprinkle Making

 White sprinkles
 Desired paste color
 Ziploc Bag

Step 1.  Place white sprinkles in ziploc bag.

Step 2.  Add desired color or colors into the ziploc bag with a toothpick. (very dark colors take a lot more paste, however, these can make the sprinkles very sticky and difficult to work with -  I like to work with the lighter versions)

Step 3.  Close bag sealing out most of the air.

Step 4.  Rub your sprinkles thoroughly into the color.  Don't worry you won't hurt your sprinkles!  Repeat until you achieve your desired color.  Click here for a color chart

Step 5.  Pour sprinkles out onto a bowl or plate to dry (if you haven't used too much paste no need for long drying times).  Now you're ready to decorate!  And when you are done you can store your sprinkles in the same ziploc.


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