The Engineered Cake

This was probably my biggest project to date (literally!)  This monster had a 14" square bottom, 10" middle, and 6" top.  I made this cake for the UC Davis College of Engineering 50th Anniversary Awards Gala.  And get this... I donated it!  Yes, I am trying to promote myself to build clientele and that's just what we have to do sometimes.  It was for a good cause, it was auctioned off and proceeds went to scholarships for Engineering students.

As for the decorating... this was my first time using fondant on a three tier cake and it turned out fairly well.  I am getting more and more convinced that marshmallow fondant is the way to go.  Satin Ice fondant is GREAT, don't get me wrong, but since it is manufactured in the East coast, when you tack on shipping it is just too expensive at the cake shops here on the West coast.  The Wilton fondant is not too popular with flavor, and the real homemade fondant is time consuming and tricky to make.  All this leave us... Marshmallow fondant!  Marshmallow Fondant (or MMF for short) is very inexpensive and tastes great!  However, it can be a bit tricky to mix and use correctly... however, once you get it down it works great.


Here is my MMF recipe:

1 bag of mini marshmallows (either size bag)
1 tsp of water
1 bag of powdered sugar
  Desired Color (optional)

Prepare a large bowl with half a bag of powdered sugar and put it in a cleared sink (this works very well for me with the kneading process).  Put all marshmallows in a glass bowl with the water.  Microwave approximately 60 seconds at 60 or 70% power (this is microwave dependent).  At first make sure to keep an eye on the MM.  You do not want to overheat it as it may cause difficulty in rolling.  With the marshmallows mostly soft stir them to dissolve.  At this point add your color.  When thoroughly mixed put your gewy MM mixture right into the bowl with the powdered sugar and start kneading.  Add powdered sugar when necessary.  After 10-15 minutes you should have a nice ball of MMF.  Wrap your ball tightly in plastic wrap and in a plastic bag.  But WAIT!  Do not forget this step... REFRIGERATE your MMF overnight.  If you do not refrigerate your fondant it will not hold it's shape when you try making things like bows.  Bring out your MMF a few hours before you start decorating so that it is nice and soft and pliable when you want to use it.


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