Thomas the Train Cake!

Hello cake maker!

There are a few custom cakes we have made that require that extra attention to detail... and this cake for sure was one of them! In this post I am SOOO excited to share with you all about how this cute little Thomas the Train cake came together!:) <3

If you want to grab this *FREE* template on the left get it here!


- 6" and 8" cake tiers crumb coated in buttercream (you can also ganache your tiers if you like however this cake is buttercream)
- Cake Couture Fondant
- Cake Colors to color your fondant. Here I am using Avacado Green, Electric Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Red Red, Black, Brown, Electric Yellow and Sky Blue
- Train face mold (also comes with cloud and bush templates!)
- Gumpaste for the cake topper (or fondant and a good amount of CMC powder)
- Brick and wood pattern impression mats 
- Toothpicks for the clouds
- Cake wires (coming to our shop soon!) for balloons
- Skewers for the topper
- CMC Powder
- Also standard decorating things... fondant smoother, pasta roller for consistent thin fondant pieces, cake stacking structure (we like to use cake stacking straws)

Pre-work Steps

Step 1.
Mix some fondant with CMC powder to make the train face and let it set to firm up. Once firm add the face details and secure with a dab of shortening!!

Step 2. Mix your fondant with CMC powder, weight to 0.7 ounces and roll your balloon shapes

Step 3. Make your number topper sign using red gumpaste or by mixing your fondant with a healthy dose of CMC powder and let dry. Note: Gumpaste might take 8 hours and fondant might take 2-3 times as long depending on how much CMC you used and design of your number.

Step 4. Once all pieces are dry secure mounting pieces (cake wires for balloons). Check out the piece of metal hanger I used for the number 3:)! In the picture on the left it is exposed and in the picture on the right you can see how I covered it in fondant and wrapped it with the securing cake skewer.

Step 5. Create your wood train supports in brown and your train tracks using fondant. Position accordingly and let set to firm/dry.

General Steps

Step 1. Cover a 14" cake board with green fondant. You can see how I used a 6" cake board in the middle of the 14" cake board to try to save on the amount of fondant I would need:).

Step 2. Make your clouds! I like laying them on this foam piece that I actually originally got for my back. Didn't work so well for my back but it works great for setting up 6" tier decorations lol!

Step 3. Cover the 6" and 8" cakes in sky blue fondant

Step 4. Once you have your 8" cake together you will get a good idea about tier height and this is a good time to make the red brick house piece. From there, build out the remainder of the train house.


Step 5. Make the bushes with help from the template. To apply these to the cake EASILY, make sure to very lightly apply cornstartch to the outside and with your small fondant roller roll up your fondant. Apply your bushes to the side of your cake with shortening or water.

Step 6. Add the name (I'm using tap-its here) and put it all together! Add matching bushes, insert straws and number topper

And that's it for the Thomas the Train cake!
Have a great cake day:)

More post-pictures... check out how the cake was packed for transport!


  1. How many 6 inch cakes and how many 8 inch cakes did you use?

    1. For this cake I did two 2" tall layers that were torted (cut in the center). For these, I filled each layer with filling as well as in between them as well. So essentially, I had 4 one inch layers of cake and 3 layers of filling in between. I did this for both the 6" and 8" cake tiers. What is also popular these days is to not torte the cakes and make them extra tall using 3 two inch layer cakes (and only two layers of filling). I tend to do that more these days, but this original train cake is how I described with 4 layers of cake 😊 For some video instruction and the train face mold, you can find that here:


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