Ten Steps to the Number (Lego) Cake

This Lego cake was the first custom cake I made after a two year hiatus in cake making. And of course, I realized that I have not blogged about this cake!! So here it is:). 

If you are a Lego fan like me or have a *little* Lego fan this is a super fun cake to make!! 

Let's jump into it shall we?:)

What you need...

Steps to take...

Step 1. A few days in advance...prepare your fondant in desired colors. Use these colors to make your Lego sugar pieces as well as your name plate. If this step is tricky check out our more detailed blog to making these pieces here.

Step 2. Place your cooled 1/2 sheet cake in your freezer. If unwrapped place leave for about 1 hour. If wrapped, you can leave for a minimum of about 4-6 hours.

Step 3. While your cake is in the freezer, prepare your cake template and cake pad cut in equal size and shape. 

Step 4. Bring out your cake and place the cake template directly on top of your cold cake. Use a knife (bread knife preferred) to cut the same shape as your template. Place your cut cake on top of your same-shaped cake pad.

Step 5. Coat your cake in chocolate ganache. This will give your cake a very flat and sharp surface to really enhance the square Lego-look. Use a spatula and bench scrapper to smooth your ganache.

Step 6. Cover your cake in fondant and smooth. Move you cake and cake pad onto your display board.

Step 7. Using a sharp small knife cut out the areas you want to fill with your Lego pieces. Peel out your fondant from this spot

Step 8. Place your Lego pieces as well as the side blocks using the side block template (you can download this for free in our shop!). I like to brush on some sticky shortening to get the pieces to stick. You can also brush on some water or sugar glue to get your pieces to stick.

Step 9. Roll some white fondant for the trimmed edge(s) to add to the 'construction' Lego-look.

Step 10. Place your Lego figurines however you like. I had SOOO much fun playing and photographing these little guys  LOL

And that is it!!

Let us know what you thought about this cake below!:)

Happy Lego cake making:)!!



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