5 Steps to Make a Unicorn Horn

Ok guys, it's the middle of December and I am itching to make you a post about the grinch cake. But, that post will have to follow this one because I owe you a post on how to make these super cute unicorn horns:) <3!

If you saw the previous post about throwing a unicorn cake party, this post is about making all those little horns for the 6" cakes. It's very simple I promise!
Here is what you will need:


  • Cake Couture Fondant colored tan fondant or yellow (tan turns out a little darker gold and yellow a little brighter gold, fyi)
  • Skewers
  • Ruler, water and brush
  • Gold luster dust
  • Weight scale (optional)


Step 1. Roll a small ball of fondant. If you have a scale weight out 1.1 ounces. 

Step 2. Next, simply roll out the strip of fondant so that one end is thinner than the other. Just slightly is enough:). Make sure to roll it out at least 1 foot long.

Step 3.  Brush on some water at the end of your skewer, this will allow the fondant to stick to the skewer.

Step 4. Starting at the tip, fold over the fondant rolled strip over the end and wind it down toward the opposite end. Brush on any additional water needed to allow the fondant to stick. Let the horn dry overnight or for at least half hour or so.

Step 5. After drying, paint your unicorn horn with gold luster dust and a touch of vodka to allow for the painting.


 And that is it!
Happy unicorn cake making:)



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