Cake Design - Inspired Custom Cakes

How do you design a custom cake? 
 In this blog post I share how exactly I go about creating a unique cake design, being inspired and doing my research. 

And with this post I wanted to share these amazing fashion inspired cake pics! 
I LOVE, fashion and cakes so of course, gotta love fashion cakes lol.
So I wanted to share these favorites with you that I collected online as you read this post:).

Let's dive in!

Step 1. Understand what your customer wants
Once a client told me 'do whatever you want'. However, after they saw the cake they said they really didn't like the design. Omg I was in tears! After that experience I vowed I would never make a cake that someone doesn't have at least ONE opinion about. 
Here's the problem, as cake makers it is our mission turn our customers cake vision into reality. If the customer has no vision, then really, we would be making a cake for ourselves! 
So I always ask for their party theme, cake pictures (preferably 3 different pictures) they like AND which elements of the cakes are their favorite.

Step 2. Study the elements and do your research
Make a mental list of all the elements the customer really wants in their cake. You can also write it down or draw it out of course, but I like to envision it in my head:). This might include the color, the topper, the detail, text, etc. With those elements in mind do some keyword research. I usually find the most inspiration by searching with the specific theme itself (e.x. alice in wonderland cake, winter wonderland cake). Look for other cake elements that your customer didn't give you and that you find beautiful or inspiring. For instance, maybe you know your customer wants an Elsa princess doll cake. There are many online, so find the dress design that really strikes you:).

Step 3. Take it to the next level
Now that you know what the customer wants AND you have seen what's out there online, it's time to make magic:). You now have both the favorite elements of your customer and your own favorite inspired details. Use both of these pieces to put the final cake design together. At this stage is where I like to share back the final cake design with my customer and get the final approval. 

Step 4. Keep your inspiration close
Make sure to keep the pictures you received from the customer as well as the inspirational images you liked. Refer to these images often during the cake making process to ensure your cake design stays on track with the cake design you envisioned.

 Step 5. Post and save your cake design (or at least make sure to take a pic!)
You may find another customers requesting your exact cake design in the future so make sure you keep a picture of the cake at least so you can re-create it. And for that order you can skip all of these design steps;-)!

Happy cake making!



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