How to make a Naked Cake

Isn't it amazing just how beautiful naked cakes are? One one hand they look simple to make, but then on the other hand you realize that you can't hide ANYTHING lol.
So here is a quick tutorial on what I have learned when it comes to making naked cakes:).

Torted cake (1" sliced layers)
Bench Scraper
Offset spatula
Cake Board and stacking dowels/straws

Baking Tip 1: Make DOUBLE sure to coat your pans with a good amount of shortening and flour (hint: use self-rising flour and it is actually FASTER to coat the pan) so your nice cake layers don't break trying to come out of the pan. 

Baking Tip 2: When your cake comes out of the oven SLICE the cake dome off. In other cakes I like to push the cake dome down  but in this case, just slice away:)

Step 1. Start assembling your layers by filling cake layers with buttercream. Because your cake will be 'naked' and the cake will get its structure from the buttercream itself, I would stick to using buttercream for your filling. If you do decide to do other softer fillings I would make sure to add a good rim of buttercream along the edge so that your cake stays looking 'clean' (when naked lol)

Step 2. Assemble each cake tier separately with the largest bottom tier a-top your cake board. Coat each tier with a crumb coat (a.k.a thin layer of frosting) using your off-set spatula.

Step 3. Use your bench scrapper along the sides and top of each tier in order to create a translucent coat of buttercream...basically, strip it almost all free of its buttercream!

Step 4. Insert your stacking dowels or straws accordingly working your way from the bottom to the top (I love to use these)

Step 5. Complete the look with beautiful decor such as like the florals, succulants or anything else you love.


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