Princess Tiara Cake Topper

Hello cake couture fans!  
In this post I share with you the process to make this sweet little tiara cake topper.
Just love this topper, I have come back to this design for many different cakes. 

However, note that this post explains the process to making this tiara.
The specific tiara pattern can be found here.
This is  perfect size for a 6"cake tier.

Let's get started!

Gumpaste (preferable gray for silver or ivory for gold)
Sugar glue (one part granulated sugar, one part tylose powder and 4-5 parts super boiling water)
Chosen pattern
Parchment paper
4" round styrofoam or can
Dust (I used silver here)
Vodka (just a few drops for the dust)

Step 1.  Wrap your tiara patter around your 4" round foam or can making the bottom of the pattern flush with the bottom edge. Tape pattern in place (you can also use pins when working with styrofoam).

Step 2.  Cover the tiara pattern with a same size piece of parchment paper. Coat the paper with shortening to allow the gumpaste to 'stick' somewhat when working with it which makes things easier to work with.

Step 3.  Use an extruder to make the gumpaste lines. This is the extruder I have. Position the lines (quickly!) onto the positioned pattern and shape along pattern lines. Also check out the pic below I have used a can before!:).

Step 4.  Apply sugar glue liberally between all line intersections to glue the tiara.  Leave sideways to let the gumpaste dry.

Step 5.  Let the gumpaste air dry several hours and preferably overnight. Carefully remove the stand up and away from the tiara.

Step 6. favorite part! Take your silver dust, mix it with a few drops of vodka and paint your tiara.  Let dry. I like to apply two coats, the second after the first has dried well.

So that is it!!! 
Yup pretty simple process...just love these<3.

Happy caking!



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