Star Wars Cake!

Before we start... I need to apologize.  When I sit down to write these posts for you I am sooo excited to share everything with you, and then, I realize... I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES!!  It drives me crazy that I do this!  The truth is that usually I am so buried in cake work that even if I were to remember I sometimes don't even have the time (seriously there is that much work no joke).  Ok well, apology aside, I can still share with you what I did to make this super fun Star Wars cake:)!!


* 2 cake tiers covered in WHITE fondant (I like to use marshmallow fondant)
* An airbursh with colors airbrush colors purple and black
* The Star Wars text print out in the size you like for your cake
* Disney Star Wars figurines
* Buttercream with a #2 or #3 piping tip for stars
* Black ribbon for base of tier
* Tan colored fondant & gold luster dust with vodka (for painting)
* White fondant and patch-work letter cutters (love these for many cake projects:))


Step 1.  With each tier choose a bottom 'corner' and spray with purple.  After the purple spray the remainder of the tier in black.  Once you have a pretty good black coat finish off with a good dose of purple EVERYWHERE.  This purple on black effect softens the black and gives the cake a seamless well blended look especially with that portion of purple.  I LOVE this effect because it give it a super cool Star Wars look!:)

Step 2. Once the cake is dry cut our your star wars letters with the tan fondant (see our tutorial on 2D cutting).  Cut out your white letters.  Attach everything using shortening (I prefer to use high ratio shortening because it sticks better).  I don't like to use sugar glue because you can't move anything around if you need to!

Step 3. Paint your Star Wars logo with your gold luster dust mixed with a little vodka.

Step 4. Use a small icing tip (#2 or #3) and pipe the stars all around the cake.

Step 5.  Apply the black ribbon at the base of each tier and place your figurines.

May The Force Be With You when you make this cake!!;)
Have a great cake day!



  1. Love this cake! A few questions if you don't mine...
    1. Why only do a corner of each tier in purple airbrush color before the black? You don't don't spots here and there?
    2. What color purple do you use?
    3. Can you tell me the specific font cutters you used?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hello! No problem, here are my answers:
      1. I prefer the look of only one purplish area versus many purple areas, however, I have found it difficult getting the purple area to stay purple and blending it with the black... another time that I had made this cake I did it this way, however in the end it looked and was mostly all black anyway!:)

      2. I used Royal Purple an Americolor airbrush color

      3. For the letters I printed out the sizing that I wanted of the Star Wars logo and then used that as a template to cut out my fondant letters. Each letter (or pair of letters in this case) is cut individually with small sharp knife.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting!:)

  2. where did you get the little plastic figures?

    1. Hi! I bought these at the Disney store back when I made this years ago. They no longer carry the ones with Darth Vader tho:-/. But the latest one is with Kilo Ren and BB8:)...

  3. how many people fit for this cake?

  4. I would say this might serve about 35-40 people:)

  5. My daughter absolutely fell in love with this cake on Pinterest, & I (luckily!) just happened upon your tutorial! We are going to use Star Wars figures we have on hand. I hope you have time for 3 questions:
    1. How do you attach the black ribbon?
    2. How do you get the cake on the white plate since the cake is sprayed?
    3. Where do you buy a sprayer? I've never heard of one before.
    Thanks so much for your time!!

    1. Sorry we didn't reply to this at the time! Posting for anyone interested...
      1. You can use double sided tape, regular tape, or a pin to secure the ribbon on the back side.
      2. To spray the cake and not ruin your board use newspaper to the board or your spraying surface.
      3. I use a KopyKake airbrush. You can get it here:

  6. Hi again, one more question from my post above: I googled cake sprayers; Will a color mist spray can work? I hate to buy an entire spraying set for one cake, but I just love how your cake turned out. Thanks again!

    1. So happy you liked how our cake turned out! :) I am not sure how a spray can would work, however I am suspicious it would be a challenge to get the same effect.

  7. Hi how do I pipe the "may the force be with you " on the side of the cake? Thanks

    1. Hi! I like to use fondant letters rather than piping :)

  8. What depth of cake did you use or did you use one two single tins or three

    1. Hi JoJo, for the bottom cake tier I used two 8" pans 2" deep. For the top I used two 6" pans 2" deep. You can find the pans we use on our website here:
      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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