Cute & EASY Christmas Cake!

It's time to make a Christmas cake!!  And with so much going on let's make it a nice and EASY one!:)  This is a cute and simple Christmas cake decorated with a 'sprinkle' wreath (5 steps only!!).  Let's get started so we can get back to wrapping!


* Baked Cake (here I use an 8" round cake and I didn't cut off the top--remember this is the easy version;-)!)
* Knife or cake slicer
* Buttercream and spatula
* Xmas Sprinkles
* 2 Round Cookie Cutters (with about 1"-1.5" gap between them)
* A bow mold (You can also shape this by hand or use a piping bag.  This is a Martha Stewart mold for wax crafts found in Michaels--I have to make one of these for us cakers!)
* Red fondant (or buttercream) for your bow


Step 1.  Take your baked cake and slice it through the middle with your knife or cake slicer.

Step 2.  Remove the top layer and fill the center with your buttercream.

Step 3.  Place the top layer back on top and ice the entire cake with buttercream.  Smooth as you best as you can.  Don't worry if it's not super smooth the texture will look nice on the cake:)!

Step 4.  Position your two cookie cutter at the center of the cake and fill them with your chosen Christmas sprinkles.  Press them gently to get them to stick.

Step 5.  Make your wreath bow and center it atop your sprinkle wreath.

And that is it!!  You can dress  up your cake with simple Christmas ribbon and place it at the center of your dessert table.  Everyone will tell you what a beautiful job you did!!:)

Happy Holiday Caking!

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