Piggy Cake and Cupcake Toppers

Making little piggy toppers is a cute addition to special piggy cupcakes and cakes:).  This is a quick tutorial on just how to make them!

I like to make these and any cake/cupcake toppers with marshmallow fondant and give them a day or two in advance so they get nice and firm for application.  Marshmallow fondant will dry firm enough for application so no extra hardener (gum) is needed.

A note about all fondant toppers.  They tend to not like to be stored in the fridge or airtight.  If they are ever stored in such a way the humidity and the lack of air flow causes sweating and a 'melting' effect.  Therefore if refrigerating your cake it is best to apply your toppers right when the cake is ready for its show!:)

  • Round Cookie Cutter Set
  • Pink Marshmallow Fondant (lots of recipes online! OR find this on our Etsy shop!) - I like to use pink and ivory to  a nice piggy pink shade
  • Black Sugar Pearls
  • Fondant Roller
  • Water or Sugar Glue
  • Small Brush
  • Pink Buttercream - Here I also like to use the same pink and ivory for a good piggy pink shade

Step 1.  Roll out your fondant and use your pasta roller set at position 1 for an even thickness.  Cut out the Piggy face.

Step 2.  Roll out a super thick piece of fondant and cut out the piggy nose with a smaller cookie cutter.

Step 3.  Use an indent type of tool to poke two holes for the piggy nose and two piggy eyes just above the nose.  You can use a thin foam backing to help withe the process but it is not necessary.

Step 4.  With a small brush apply sugar glue at the eyes and insert your black sugar pearls.

Step 5.  With your fingers roll a very small amount of fondant into a teardrop shape.  Affix the thick part of the teardrop on the face with a dab of sugar glue.  Bend over the pointy part of the ear down for a super cute effect:)!

Step 6.  Let dry preferably overnight.

Step 7.  Using a large round piping tip pipe on your surface (cake or cupcakes) a nice round mound of pink buttercream.  Then apply the piggy face directly on top!

Happy Cake Making!!



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