How to Make Fondant (Ruffle) Rosettes on a Cake

Fondant ruffle rosettes are one of the most beautiful techniques I have every seen.  I couldn't wait to try out this technique and I jumped at the chance for a photographer's glamorous country style wedding photo shoot.  But just how to create the look I wasn't sure.  There isn't too much out there in how to make a fondant [ruffle] rosettes.  At first I tried by making them by cutting out straight strips but they just didn't look right - too not beautiful enough looking.  Then I realized some people applied the ball tool (the ones you use to roll out your flower petals) on one edge to get more of a ruffle effect - but again I thought #1 - OMG that will take me even more hours than the countless hours it will already take me and #2 - I was not crazy about it's possible inconsistency and too-ruffled appearance due to the manual ruffling.  So reaching into my clothes making skills I thought... what about a curved strip!!  A curved strip is softer (than the straight strip) and the curvature will bring about ruffles (avoiding the need to use the ball tool!).  Yay!  How exciting to find a *reasonable* way to create this look - and I say *reasonable* because it still takes many many hours!:-P


Cake tier covered in fondant
Pizza cutter for your strips or Fondant Rosette Cutter Available Here
Marshmallow fondant Recipe HereTo buy our ready made fondant click here.  (fresh MMF can be too soft) OR a 50/50 fondant/gumpaste mixture (Quantiy - a lot - sorry for the vagueness here but it really depends on your tier size and how you space your strips)
Pasta Roller OR Fondant Roller

 For a cliffnote version of how to do this check out our you tube video:

1.  Roll out your fondant - I like to use my small fondant roller until the fondant is reasonably thin and then
run it through the pasta roller to get a nice even thickness.

2. Cut the strip - Using your cutter or your fondant rolling cutter, cut out 'rainbow' shaped strip.  I like to cut one and use it right after cutting (versus cutting a whole bunch but you will find what you are comfortable with).  Don't worry if your edges aren't nice and neat/clean because you won't notice them at all when positioned on the cake.

3.  Lightly paint the area of the cake you will apply your strip to with water (water is a perfect sticking agent for MMF but you can use sugar glue as well).

4.  Position - With the short edge of the strip against the cake and the long edge of the strip on the outside kind of fold one end at the center of the rosette you are trying to create.  NOTE: let the edge of the strip against the cake flange out and "grab" the cake as you are working.  Then, as soon as the center 'bud' is created start positioning the rest of the strip around and around that bud.  NOTE: The bud part can be a little tricky (sorry I couldn't show it in the video I only had one hand!:-/)

5.  Keep Going - Continue to cut strip after strip and wrap continuously around and around and create the style/effect you are going for.  Further create a ruffle look with your fingers or other fondant tool.

6.  Admire your work after the first few hours... because you may likely be doing this for even longer;-)!  You will find that this is not a difficult technique just extremely time consuming.

Thanks for reading and happy cake making!!


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