Wedding Cake Shopping

Shopping for all things wedding can be so much fun but at the same time, yes, it can also be stressful.  You start down the list: rings, venue, dress, photographer, flowers, music, and on and on the list goes.  So many choices and so many decisions and not to mention the budget you are trying to stick to.  So with all of this how do you shop for a wedding cake?  It's not a venue you can see or a dress you can try on.  It's a vision or an image that requires a deposit!  And to top it off it's toward the end of your wedding list where by then your wedding budget has been exhausted.  So how to shop with a clear head for your wedding cake?  Here are our 5 wedding cake shopping tips:

5 Wedding Cake Shopping Tips

1. Know what you want.  Pinterest is the go to tool here.  You can narrow down ideas when it comes to your special cake.

2. Get quotes.  Quickly obtain rough quotes by emailing various bakers with images of cakes you like including servings needed.  Check out their work online to see if you are comfortable with their cake making skills for your wedding cake.

3.  Budget.  To keep costs down stick to simple designs.  Sometimes simplicity is not obvious so get your baker's input.  Ask about a discount if you stick with one cake flavor and one filling flavor.  Also, consider having someone pick up your cake.  This is more feasible with smaller two tier cakes for sure.  

4. Consider finding an up and coming cake maker through a cake supply shop, they will be more competitive with prices, however, they may not be as experienced with wedding cakes.  

5. Plan ahead.  A well planned cake is a good cake.  Try to plan your cake at least one month before the event or more.  Specialty cakes sometimes require special order materials and long prep times.

Happy Wedding Planning!!


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