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Floating Chopsticks Ramen Cake

So are you more of a Ramen person or cake person? Well.... I have to admit... I'm both!!  So when I got this cake order I was SOOO excited:-D!! In this post I am sharing the steps to make this cake as well as close up and behind the scenes pic (plus our kitchen in the middle of it's remodel stage - no backsplash lol). First up, materials... Materials: 2 - 8" Cake rounds Cake Couture Fondant Chocolate Ganache Fondant Extruder 2 skewer Chopsticks Drill and thin drill bit for chopsticks Cornstarch  Tylose powder (optional) Gold cake dust Step 1: Similar to other cake projects I like to share on this blog it is all about the prep, prep and more prep. You can never over prepare it seems when it comes to cake lol! In order to give the cake decor sufficient drying time, about 3-4 days prior to cake day I prepared the decor. Here you can see how I rolled, scored, painted and shaped the fondant to make meat slices, eggs and green on

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