Cake Biz

Getting into the cake decorating business is rough.  Competitors include the delicious fifteen dollar sticky chocolate cake at Costco and the thousand dollar Ace of Cakes of the world.  However, cake decorators don't just make a cake, but rather create art.  Each decorator has their own style,  decorating preferences, and therefore, our clientele is diverse.  Regardless, in the cake business, as in any business, here are the five essentials I believe are a must to get started.

Cake Biz Take Five
  1. Cake Pictures
  2. Business Cards
  3. Brochures
  4. Get the Word Out
  5. Web Presence

1. Pictures
Cake pictures are the most valuable asset.  They are how you communicate your cake decorating abilities and your signature style to your potential clients.  When it comes to decorating, each decorator has their our signature style!  Always take pictures under good light with little distractions in the background.

2. Business Cards
You can create quick and simple business cards online using businesses like Fed-Ex office or Vista Print..  Vista Print even offers 250 FREE business cards with some styles and you only pick up shipping charges.

3. Brochures
Brochures are a vital way to connect with your client.  I like to include a letter introducing yourself and describing my services.  Also, I like to include an approximate estimate of cake rates.  This is a good way for the client to be informed before calling.  Decorated cakes are so time consuming and it is
important that as decorators we are fair with our time and materials when we decide on rates.  Typically these cakes are under charged if anything.

4. Promote your Craft
An effective way to promote your craft is by decorating cakes!  Give them away as a gift for family or friend functions.  This will let those in your circle see your skills.  You can also donate them to a community venue or charity event, this is a great way to promote yourself outside of your circle.  Think outside the cake!

5. Web Presence
These days it is all about web communication.  Not having a web presence would exclude potential clients.  There are a number of sites that provide free web pages.  My favorite is google, where you can also link it to your own domain name (therefore making hosting - by google - free).  You can also use a facebook page (also free).  Thank you to facebook and Google!


  1. Gracias por compartir tus experiencias que dios siga iluminando tu creatividad y habilidad para modelar.Bendiciones y que sigan tus éxitos.